Facility Manager / Service Desk - 90 Day Free Test Drive

No Commitment, Unrestricted Use - Free for 90 days

Test driving EAM software is a vital part of the buying process, but it's easy to go wrong; here's our advice on how to conduct a successful test drive.

You're looking to buy a facility management (EAM) / Helpdesk software for your organisation and have found one you like, in the specification you want and at a price that seems within budget - at this point, it's all too easy to consider the test drive a mere formality. To go through with the purchase without doing an 'eyes open' test drive is an error many organisations can live to regret. One thing to bear in mind at all times is that as the buyer, you're the one in control.

During your test drive you will...
  • NOT be asked for any payment details.
  • Have unrestricted access to create records, and add new users.
  • Be able to import data from your existing sources via Excel to visualise in Facility Manager.
  • Have access to detailed training videos.
  • Access Facility Manager / Service Desk customised to the look and feel of your organisation.
  • Have telephone and Email support and assistance provided free.
  • Retain full ownership of all data entered into the EAM.

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