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Would you like to receive up to € 12,000* for each prospect you refer to Compass AFM who we successfully convert to a live customer?

We can help you transform your contact network into a new revenue stream. Simply use our dedicated website with links to videos, predentations and documentation to send your contacts compelling emails with information relating to Compass. If they show futher interest we will set them up through you with full access to a working demo of Regional Pro4. We work with you to gain the confidence of the prospective client and you'll be paid on the deals we close - so you've nothing to lose.

The Compass AFM Lead programme is a win-win proposition for you and the customers that you refer. You win by cementing your position as a trusted advisor to your contact network, while also earning commission for each referral that Compass AFM closes.

Potential clients, today, through various media, consultants etc., are being convinced to purchase EAM software solutions from the major vendors that in all likelyhood are too expensive, too difficult to use, require long implementation timeframes and employ excessive human resources to get operational. Buying a 'named' brand does not always equal success. Many companies like Compass AFM are now offering compatable solutions to the major brands at much lower costs and a fraction of the implementation headache. Your potential clients will welcome information on vendors such as Compass AFM that they may not already know.

An Ideal Proposition for You

The Compass AFM Lead programme is ideal for IT professionals, business and accounting consultants, marketing agencies and businesses that have strong ties to the facilities and asset management industry. All you do is tell your contact about us, show them this website and if they are still interested just fill in the form below. We will then send you a link to our website so your client can access further information. Once you clients contacts us with your unique ID code, we will then begin to close the sale.

How it Works

Just entering a potential clients information into a web form might deliver the occasional result - but it is very similar to cold calling. They do not know us and we do not know them. That's why our program focuses on all the initial communication is between you and the potential client. This gives you the ability to engage your client with relevant and useful information that is designed to trigger an expression of interest. At the same time your client knows that you are fully involved with the process and that you expect to gain by closing the deal. Your lead security is guaranteed.

Once Compass AFM engages with the potential client you can track the sales progress through the same secure website. The website provides insights into emails, communications and all sales activities. You can also quickly review your revenue and status of commission payments.

If the contact that you referred to us decides to buy a Compass AFM Solution, you get paid. You receive a commission of 25% of the first year of the customer license subscription value and a further 10% commission for each subsequent year that the customer renews their license subscription.

*A maximum payout of € 12,000 per sale applies.

The Compass AFM Lead program participant can be either a company or an individual. Participants must have a valid email address, valid tax identification number and valid business website. Compass AFM will review your information from the form below and contact you within a few business days. Once approved as a participant, you can begin referring leads to Compass AFM.

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