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Public Transport

There aren't many industries where maintenance is more important than public transportation. From trains to trams and buses, proper maintenance and customer safety is paramount. Enterprise Asset Management of operations and maintenance efficiently can optimize the reliability and safety of networks, as well as maximize the effectiveness of investments in new systems.

Maintenance professionals face important challenges: to provide efficient transportation often with an aging infrastructure, to meet growing public and legislative demands for accountability and safety, and to manage the rapid pace of change. Today maintenance is more visible than ever before, and changes in maintenance management are moving faster than they have been.

The major trends that affect maintenance include the following:
  • Infrastructure growth is slowing, so the maintenance, preservation, and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure are becoming increasingly more important. As public funding shifts from construction to maintenance, maintenance organizations become more accountable to administrators, politicians, and the public for a safe, convenient, and accessible transportation system.
  • Aging infrastructure is challenging maintenance managers, who must respond with more effective business practices. Innovations in management systems, resources, materials, technology, equipment, and work methods help improve maintenance effectiveness and efficiency at the network and activity levels.
  • Technology is changing the kinds of information and infrastructures that must be maintained, and as a result, new maintenance procedures and a very different set of skills for maintenance managers as well as maintenance workers are being required.
  • Increased use of private contractors and alliances with local agencies to provide maintenance for transportation services require increased management resources and tracking.
  • Public perception and expectations for better service change the way maintenance managers define and respond to customer needs.
  • Public anger at rising prices, while networks are at the same time expected to run profitably, requires the introduction of new maintenance technologies.
  • Environmental and energy usage concerns continue to have a significant affect on maintenance. New regulations are anticipated, and the trend is toward stronger enforcement of existing regulations.

  • Public transport networks benefit greatly from the implementation of an EAM solution such as Regional Pro4. Contact Compass AFM and see what we can do for you today.

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