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Delivering a Beautiful Workplace Experience

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We're changing the way Business Leaders think about Facility Management.

As a multi-award winning provider of EAM / CAFM software, Compass AFM create beautiful workplace software applications that take your Facilities, Energy and Asset Management places you never thought possible.

Every company has a unique way of managing their assets, maintenance and remedial works. Our years of engineering and facility management experience allows us to consult, problem solve, and develop a custom EAM software solution specific to your company. Our goal is to continually seek new and better ways to serve our customers, and always aim to exceed their future needs.

What is the 'Beautiful Workplace Experience'?

In a digital world with increasing transparency, employees expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience, which many HR leaders and executives around the world are focusing on. The physical workspace is the one we can see, touch, and taste, and smell. It's the art that hangs on the walls, the office environment, and perks we might get such as catered meals in a beautiful cafeteria, an on-site gym, or a lounge area that employees can relax in. So why do we still expect employees to use software that looks and works like it was designed in the 1980's?

Years of research and development by Compass AFM has resulted in EAM software solutions that people really enjoy using as part of their daily work experience. Design ergonomics and interactive tools reduce fatigue, stress and aid productivity. Training is measured in hours not weeks and implementation in days not months. This results in very considerable benefits and savings for any company using Facility Manager.

  Are you a Business Leader? Learn more about how Facility Manager can help your business coordinate and manage your facilities and maintenance while delivering an amazing ROI.

Click the button on the left, fill in the form and we will contact you to schedule a custom demo.

Functionality, Ease of Use, Accessibility and User Experience

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We're changing the way Facility Teams adapt to computerised Facility Management.

People use highly functional and efficient Apps without manuals or long learning curves. Why should using EAM software be different?

With a learning curve measured in hours using Facility Manager is different. With the functionality of global brands at your fingertips in an intuative, robust solution, Facility Manager actively engages with the user. Our end-to-end partnership approach means our work starts with understanding your unique requirements and working with you through stress free implementation and beyond.

It's why there's nothing else like using Facility Manager

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Everything you need to enjoy working with EAM software.

We learn from our customers and we share what we learn, it's a constant feedback loop to help enhance our partners performance and effectiveness through customer insights.

Individual User Licenses or Unlimited User Site License, Customisable, Corporate identity look & feel and much more...

Facility Manager beautifully powers everything you do in your Facility Department. In an age where choices are limitless, possibilities endless, what we really need is simplicity. From convenience to performance, from enhanced features to smart technology, Facility Manager is designed to deliver simplicity in an amazing workplace experience.

Facility Manager EAM
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