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Compass EAM Software

Get the most out of your assets with Regional Pro from Compass AFM. With the right systems and processes in place, your organization can help ensure uptime and safety, lower risks, and reduce maintenance costs. Regional Pro gives you all the functionality of the leading vendors without the high cost and long learning curves.

Our team of professionals, backed by a range of custom services ensure your digital transformation is rapid, cost efficient and pain free.

Compass Client Services

The Compass AFM CARE plan proactively helps in both controling and managing Contractors, Assets, Risk,and Energy usage within an organisation in compliance with health, safety and environmental guidelines.

Our client services help organisations adapt existing structures and methodology to save up to 30% in operational costs.

Let Compass AFM become an itegral part of your maintenance team.

Get a free 1 day site audit for your business.


For our many customers, Compass AFM is regarded not as a software vendor but part of their facilities team. Compass AFM is both a supplier of award winning enterprise asset management software (Regional Pro 4) developed by experts with decades of experience in facility management / mechanical engineering and we are also providers of a wide range of client services from implementation to energy management. Our scope and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We are passionate about taking on the challenges that matter to our customers.

Since 2009, Compass AFM has gained a reputation for customer support, reliability and excellent EAM software. And our customers keep coming back again and again as a result. Our unique blend of customer focus and leading-edge technology makes us an organization you will want to partner with.

Our software, cloud computing and client solutions provide an end-to-end package with reporting and analytical tools for organisations and facilities maintenance providers. Compass AFM maintains sales offices in Ireland, UK and Saudi Arabia.


Tired of searching for cost effective, efficient and user friendly EAM / CAFM software? Worried by escalating per-user costs? Fed up by long difficult learning curves?

Apart from being immensely customer configurable and easy to use, our Regional Pro 4 software solution is affordable and used by SMEs and Global Enterprises to reduce business risks, simplify maintenance workflows, lower energy usage and increase company profits in compliance with the legislative requirements. Regional Pro 4 has all the features and more you would expect from leading vendors and is offered with a single, unlimited user site license.

Our expert professionals deploy, implement, populate and train staff with the 'best-in-class' procedures. All our operations are transparent and inexpensive to eliminate the possibility of any discrepancy while working with Compass AFM.

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Our specialised services include: