Service Desk Modules

An overview of the modules within Service Desk.

Service Desk. So much more than just technical support.

Compass Service Desk is how information should work together. It tracks every detail from the initial support request until the job is finally closed. Intuitive layouts are gathered together so there is a complete flow of data from assigning an engineer, tracking time and expenditure to payment of invoices.

The Help desk is so fast and easy to use that an engineer can receive electronically the job detail, service worksheet and health & safety documentation in less than a minute after the support request has been answered.

Service Desk can track both single support requests and repetitive tasks.

It can easily transform your current setup into a paperless environment.

Contacts. The correct people to work on your assets.

Whether you are responsible for a single site or many, you need to be certain that the correctly identified and qualified people with up to-date certificates and tool calibration records are working on your plant and equipment assets. This is essential to reduce exposure to risk.

All documentation whether qualification, insurance, permits or tool calibration are available in a single location. You can also see current and historical hourly labour rates charged by the contractor.

You can also track contractor performance through KPI's and work load activity.

Contractor Gateway. Real-time monitoring of onsite activity.

Waiting days or weeks for work reports is no longer an issue with Contractor Gateway. As engineers or contractors complete their repairs, the Help Desk can be updated at source so you are made aware and instantly receive their report.

As the Help Desk is cloud hosted, your engineers or contractors can access the Gateway from virtually anywhere with a tablet or laptop.

It can easily transform your current remedial maintenance setup into a paperless environment.

Asset Register. Knowing the details of your plant, equipment and property assets.

This module allows you to build a basic asset register. It covers the main asset details and allowsyou to identify if there is a Health & Safety risk gaining access to or working on the asset.

It allows you to match faults to an individual asset, which can be more beneficial than just identifying the location of the fault.

Planner. Event storage for all remedial maintenance activities.

All events relating to remedial maintenance can be added to the planner.

With the advanced search features of Service Desk a multitude of reports can be generated. It is also ideal to create schedule or activity lists to be sent to contractors.

Invoicing. Create or receive invoices as work is completed.

This module is dual purpose;

For the end user (Client) it allows contractors to generate an invoice once their work is completed which is available immediately for the clients accounts department. This improves cashflow for both the client and contractor. The sometimes long delays waiting for invoices to arrive are eliminated.

For a contractor, as their employees log their hours and materials used, the invoice is automatically generated. It just remains for the admin to add hourly rates, markup, discount etc., and the invoice is available for their accounts department to transfer to their accounts software.

Purchasing. Generate purchase orders as required for Service Desk.

In most cases a PO is required for purchasing materials etc. This module allows these to be generated and be passed to the accounts department.

It also allows for reconciliation at the time of purchase.

Quote / Pre Costing. Quotations / Pre cost your future expenditure.

Our Quote / Pre Costing module has dual functions.

For users that are contractors it allows you to prepare very detailed quotations and to keep track of those that are successful or not.

For end users you can pre-cost the works to whatever level of detail you require before making a final decision on awarding the contract. This gives you a detailed document from which to evaluate tenders or quotations.

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