Efficiency & Control

Efficiency & Control

Custom solutions that will improve management efficiency and control, work scheduling and job / contractor tracking
in either single or multiple locations.
Pareto's Law states that 20% of problems affect 80% of the results and 80% of problems affect 20% of the results. Today's facilities environment needs to be as efficient as possible to cope with constant demands of meeting regulations and cost reduction.

Our Solution

Typically we can improve your efficiency and control methodology by up to 25%.
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Sources of Inefficiency & Poor Control


Generally contractors work "out of sight" of facilities management especially if the organisation has multiple locations such as a retail chain. Therefore a large element of trust is needed. Potential areas that relate to the solutions Compass provide include:

Inefficiency Reason or Cause Our Solution

Help Desk Repeat Callouts Non-compliance by contractor, Incorrect work solution Tracking, validation and analytics of help desk actiities.

Maintenance Work Practices Unsupervised work can lead to non-compliance and poor work standards Tracking and validation of maintenance actiities.
Unqualified / Inexperienced Contractors sent to site Validating contractors details and documentation at sign-in

Maintenance Reports Considerable delays and cost due to delayed reports once the contractor has left site All reports are compiled and logged onto the solution once work completed or daily before contractor leaves site


While staff may expect rapid solutions to issues, this may not be the most efficient or cost effective approach. Areas that relate to the solutions Compass provide include:

Time Loss Reason or Cause Our Solution

Help Desk Call Logging Individual instead of batch requests Know you building and assets to batch callouts

Excessive Help Desk Call Processing Multi-stage / person established practice Replaced by solution based logging and assignment

Document Searches Paper documents take time to find and older files might even be stored off site increasing the effort to find them All documents are stored electronically within the solution

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